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Chickens & Party Packs

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Party packs can be tailored to any number of people (up to 200) or for your special needs. Extra charge for all white meat. Pickup only. See PDF Menu for current pricing.

whole-chicken-image-10-397pWhole Rotisserie Chicken

Whole Rotisserie Chicken All White Meat

4 Person party pack
1 and 1/2 rotisserie chickens, 3 pints of veggies, 4 pieces cornbread

6 Person party pack
2 rotisserie chickens, 5 pints of veggies, 6 pieces of cornbread

8 Person party pack
3 rotisserie chickens, 3 quarts of veggies, 8 pieces cornbread

10 Person party pack
3 1/2 rotisserie chickens, 4 quarts of veggies, 10 pieces cornbread

20 Person party pack
7 rotisserie chickens, 8 quarts of veggies, 20 pieces of cornbread

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