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Veggies and Sides

Our Veggies and Sides
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3 Veggie Plate w/ Cornbread $4.59, 4 Veggie Plate w/Cornbread $5.75
veggies-14516423Collard greens
Baked cinnamon apples
Mashed sweet potatoes
Garlicky new potatoes
White bean au gratin
Smoked cheese and pasta salad
Buttered spinach
Basil green beans
Cornbread dressing
Herb rice
Tossed salad
Tailgate coleslaw
Baked beans
Chuck’s black bean salad
Dill potato salad
Tico black beans
Squash casserole
Stir fry veggies

3 vegetable plate         4.19
4 vegetable plate         5.15

Veggies Board

Daily Veggie List

Monday – Dill lima beans
Tuesday – Black-eyed peas
Wednesday – Cheese grits
Thursday – White bean stew
Friday – Stewed okra & tomatoes
Saturday – Macaroni & cheese
Sunday – Seasoned corn

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